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Judgement Day: AP summary 
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Post Judgement Day: AP summary
Judgement Day is a homebrew Gumshoe game set in the Terminator Universe. Here's some info:

Here's a trailer the GM made:

Here the player's intro:
Seeing this place again after all these years is enough to bring even a jaded warrior like you to tears. You see the happy and the innocent in this green utopia. They don’t all realize how beautiful this place is. Some of them believe that life is as hard as it will ever be or that the world is a terrible place.
In four years, they will come to know the truth: that sadness, hardship, and cruelty will be redefined on April 21, 2011 when the nuclear horror of Judgment Day is unleashed on an unsuspecting world. The old definition of sadness will be superseded by the deaths of billions. Their uninformed ideas about hardship will be re-evaluated in light of days spent hiding from soulless hunters and nights spend scrounging for what scraps of food might be found in the refuse. The long-held meaning of cruelty will seem as cruel as the embrace of an old friend when placed beside the relentless implacable destruction of an invincible army of machines.
You have a chance, however slight, of changing the future for all of them - the innocent and the machines alike. If skill, luck, and steadfast allies are with you, what is your future may become just a memory in the minds of a silent scarred few.
Judgment Day is a short form campaign designed to be played over six to eight gaming sessions of three to five hours each. It uses a variant of the Gumshoe system from Pelgrane Press and is based in the mythos of the Terminator series. The Gumshoe system was chosen for what, on the surface might naturally seem to be a high-action tactical game because of the general futility of engaging Terminators in a straight-up fight. Gameplay should focus on gathering clues, making plans, and executing plans. There should be combat between the characters and the agents of SkyNet, but such fights are terribly one-sided and should mainly involve escaping from or trapping the attacking Terminator. combat is really quite lethal, especially when cybernetic killing machines from the future are concerned, so be warned.
Player characters are all agents of the Resistance against the Machines, sent back from 2028 to 2007. Playing temporal natives is certainly an option and something your players might request. Some suggestions appear in the character creation chapter for how to adapt existing character roles to represent people from 2007. Playing Resistance-allied (reprogrammed) Terminators is outside the scope of these rules. If your players have no problems with one of them being phenomenally more effective in combat than the rest, then the Terminator rules may certainly be adapted for player-character use.

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Post Re: Judgement Day: AP summary
PCs, First name, age, and specialty:
Azalea, 42, medic
Asher, 24, engineer
Franco, 37, spy
Clash, 25, soldier [my PC]

The team was sent back and landed in the fountain of a mall. There was much screaming and panic. Fortunately we were able to escape and grab some clothes.

GM used a random method for determining gear we could get during our first week. Every PC had three tries at the tables. You pick one category each time and your specialty gives you advantages in certain categories.

As a group we scored plenty of handguns, several assault rifles, max money, max ammo, some great maintenance supplies, max medical supplies, a late model SUV, and a box van. Our safehouse is a vacant McMansion tied up in legal wrangling for the foreseeable future.

We head down to a contact we have to get fake IDs. After making the arrangements, we saw a TV news report about a shoot out at a residence. One victim is the daughter of the CO of a local Air Force base, herself an Air Force officer. Another of the victims appears to be a member of a resistance temporal team, Team 20, that we think was sent to 1982. Moira, another member of Team 20 was Clash's girlfriend back in 2028.

We go to the house in question and find one police cruiser keeping an eye on the place, presumably until the forensic team arrives. In a few seconds it leaves in a hurry. Listening on our police scanner, it seems there is a shoot out at the place we just ordered our IDs. :shock:

Franco, Asher, and Azalea, go in a look around. Clash stays outside keep watch.
Inside they find evidence of a gun battle between 4 assailants and perhaps 3-4 defenders. Some secret papers about what the team had been doing, some papers about an odd surveillance project, and three laptops. Asher took the HDs for further investigation. They find pictures that confirm the identity of the people living in the house as Team 20.

As the team is finishing up, Clash spies a man with a shotgun approaching. He looks suspiciously machine-like. Clash uses the drop phone to call the team and tell them to evacuate. The terminator (for that's what he is) spots Clash and fires with with pistol, winging him. Clash returns fire and gets a solid hit, but it doesn't slow down the machine. As he escapes Clash shots the tires of the pickup in the driveway.

Upon hearing that a female from the shooting was taken to the hospital, the team decides they need to rescue her. While her name is not given, there is a strong indication that she is Moira.

And that's what we'll be doing next time.

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