About the RPG Haven Podcast

The RPG Haven Podcast is the voice of the RPG Haven. Our emphasis is on the diversity and do-it-yourself ethos of the RPG hobby. We will have a series of conversations with designers, writers, players and anybody else who has something interesting to say about roleplaying games.

If you want to communicate with us publicly, feel free to start a thread in the The Forum section of the RPG Haven or to put some comments in one of the posts here.  If you want to get in touch with us directly or are interested in being interviewed, you can PM us through the Haven or just contact one of us directly through our emails below.

Your Hosts



WalkerP began gaming with Red Box D&D sometime in the early ’80s.  The brief but fertile gaming period before he made it through puberty grew to include Gamma World, Car Wars, Top Secret, Bushido and Boot Hill.

He got back into gaming as an adult with 3rd edition D&D.  After 4 years of 3.5, followed by a couple of years of GURPS, WalkerP is now full in the throes of Corvus Disorder, but with a tendency towards small press games. He helped to start Draconis, Montreal’s Gaming Convention and still works to promote gaming locally.

He currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with his wife and two cats (Omar, on the right, being one of them) and—other than here at The RPG Haven—can be found on Roludo and many other gaming spots around the web.

WalkerP can be reached directly at walk3rpATgmailDAUGHTcom and followed via twitter @walk3rp.


hostphotoryanBorn in the ice fields of inner Antarctica, Ryan was raised on adventure. By the time he was was twelve he was learning the ways of the sea. After graduating High School, he sailed his  barque Hrothgar on a continuous circumnavigation for six years. When not on board Hrothgar, Ryan could be found trekking across the Rub al Khali, the Amazon basin, or Roman ruins in Northern Africa.

Or so he would like you to believe.

Ryan is an Orthodox Christian, father of 2, husband since 1992, and gamer since 6th grade.  His current favorite games are Beat to Quarters, Lacuna, Savage Worlds, and Chronica Feudalis. He occasionally blogs at The Depot (for Western gaming resources) and here.

Ryan can be reached directly at mountzionryanATgmailDAUGHTcom and followed via twitter @mountzionryan.