episode 1 – an interview with Cynthia Celeste Miller

Friday, May 29, 2009
By walkerp

havenheadphones2Cynthia talks about her gaming background, her approach to design and goes into depth about Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2 and Slasher Flick. We also talk a bit about the games she is currently running.

This month's episode:


or right-click this link to download the .mp3 file directly.

Links to topics discussed on the show:

Spectrum Games (where you can find links to purchase Slasher Flick and Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2)

The Lair of the Evil DM

The Private Eyes with Tim conway and Don Knotts

Marvel Super Heroes RPG

West End Games Star Wars RPG

Silverlion Studios (the company of Tim Kirk, creator of Hearts & Souls)

Cartoon Action Hour Fans Yahoo Group

Over the Edge

Champions of the Galaxy by Filsinger Games

Zero Fortitude recorded actual play session of Slasher Flick

A Song of Ice and Fire

Hope you enjoy it!

8 Responses to “episode 1 – an interview with Cynthia Celeste Miller”

  1. They say the camera adds 20 pounds to your body, but I have to say that audio phone interviews add 20 pounds to my voice. Heh. I sound so butch. ;0)

    At any rate, I appreciate the interview. It was a great deal of fun.

  2. [...] The RPG Haven Podcast: episode 1 – an interview with Cynthia Celeste Miller [...]

  3. This was awesome to listen to…Slasher Flick IS awesome. Anyway I think this very cool to do and happy Cynthia was first. :D

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