episode 13 – an interview with the creators of Diaspora

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
By walkerp
episode 13 – an interview with the creators of Diaspora

This month's episode:


Ryan and I interview Brad Murray, C.W. (Toph) Marshall and Tim Dyke, 3 of the 4 creators of the ENnie-award winning, FATE-based, hard sci-fi RPG Diaspora. It’s a lively a conversation indeed!

The interview went long and we touch on many interesting topics. These guys having interesting and intelligent things to say about self-publishing, the future of text distribution, their game design methods, their gaming history, products they are working on, the gaming community, their relationship with Evil Hat and the paperback version of Diaspora that is going into distribution. They also share for the first time the well-kept secret of the first Diaspora PDF!

The VSCA (whose initials are also revealed for the first time!) keep rigorous records of their playtesting and design process, from the early days of their SotC/Traveller Hack Spirit of the Far Future to their current projects, which are manifold. You can find them all here.

You can download the file directly by right-clicking here.

episode 12 – ENnies judge Jay Peters

Saturday, July 17, 2010
By walkerp
episode 12 – ENnies judge Jay Peters

This month's episode:


(running time 55:11) We’re breaking our regular first of the month release schedule with this episode to release this interesting and informative interview with 2010 ENnies Judge Jay Peters while the voting process is still going on. Jay speaks with us at length about the process of being a judge, what is was like to work with the other judges, the amount of work involved and how the organization is run. We think you will find it informative and interesting and is a big step towards the continued improved transparency of the ENnies awards process.

Now if you haven’t done so already, please go and vote!

Vote for next year’s judges here (and we have to give a plug for Jay Peters of course!).

Vote for the awards here.

You can directly download the episode here.

episode 11 – Josh Roby on Smallville the RPG

Thursday, July 1, 2010
By walkerp
episode 11 – Josh Roby on Smallville the RPG

This month's episode:


(Running time 56:23) Ryan and I present a long interview this month with game designer Josh Roby. We discuss at length and breadth the upcoming Smallville RPG, some of Josh’s past games (Sons of Liberty, Full Light Full Steam and Agora) and his current ongoing fiction project, Rooksbridge. We touch on a lot of interesting subjects and ideas in gaming.

Episode length is 57 minutes and 32 seconds, all of which is the interview. It was so long and informative that we didn’t do any intro discussion or preamble. I think it speaks for itself. If you are a fan of Smallville, Josh Roby, Margaret Weis Productions or interested in some of the production and design issues around licensed games, you’ll find this episode enjoyable.

Come on over to this thread on the RPG Haven to discuss all the interesting ideas that came up in this episode.

You can find the actual .mp3 file here.

Smallville the RPG

Tag scenes

Kallisti Press (Josh’s website)


Masterplan episode where Josh and Ryan talk about epic games (Josh’s game Agora comes up here) part 1

Masterplan epic episode Part 2

Happy Canada Day, people!

episode 10 – Genre Emulation

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
By walkerp

This month's episode:


No guests, no interviews this month. Just Ryan and WalkerP taking on the theme of genre emulation. What is it and what are the different techniques and tools that RPGs use to emulate genres?

We will continue this discussion over at the forum, so please feel free to participate.

(running time 46:38 – you can download the file directly here.)

Below are the games we talk about in our discussion:

Deadlands: Reloaded
Dust Devils (out of print)
Aces & Eights (check out this website for an excellent example of genre trappings!)

Character Generation
Barbarians of Lemuria
Solomon Kane
Pirates of the Spanish Main
Spirit of the Century

Tone of Generic Games
Legends of Steel: Savage Worlds edition
Oriental Adventures

Structural and Mechanical Genre Emulation
Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2
Slasher Flick
Beat to Quarters
Leverage: The Quickstart Job

episode 9 – Luke Crane on FreeMarket

Saturday, May 1, 2010
By walkerp
episode 9 – Luke Crane on FreeMarket

This month's episode:


(running time: 55:01)
This month WalkerP interviews Luke Crane on the new game FreeMarket, designed by Luke and Jared Sorenson. We begin by updating each other on our own gaming and talking about Jared and Luke’s design history and approaches. Ryan goes into some detail on his experiences with Jared’s game Lacuna.

Download the podcast directly here.

We’ve started a thread on the RPG Haven to talk about FreeMarket and any other issues that came up in this episode.


Some pictures from the game proofs (graphics look awesome!)

Help us pick a best episode for our ENnies submission!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
By walkerp
Help us pick a best episode for our ENnies submission!

Hello gentle Listeners,

Though it’s still early in the Haven Podcasts’s young life, we still would like to take a shot at the ENnies. They have an eminently sane submission policy, which is that we present one best episode to the judges and they choose a second one to listen to.

So would you be able to help us choose what is the best episode? Consider the judges, who will be listening to a wide range of podcasts and have diverse perspectives. Furthermore, they are going to be listening to a lot of different podcasts. Which episode do you think will best catch their attention and let them see the heart of goodness that we try to deliver?

You can throw your vote in the comments below or participate in a thread over at the RPG Haven Forum.

As always, thanks for your support and ears!